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The Uzbek-German joint venture “UzCLAASAgro” has been manufacturing agricultural machinery for 10 years already and their products successfully compete with other analogues. One of the best seller combine is the DOMINATOR -130 grain harvester.

It attracts farmers with a number of privileges such as:

1. Q-cab
2. Perkins engine
3. Intense straw racks
4. Straw chopper
5. Plate type sieves / TM 6 sieves
6. 3D cleaning
7. Radial ventilator
8. Separator
9. Reaper with a working width of 4.27–4.57 m
10. Grain lifter
11. Stalk divider
12. Mechanical reel drive
13. Hydraulic reversal

Moreover, DOMINATOR -130 has a considerable dimension, bright light green color with white and red insets. A Q-cab provides maximum overlook. Owing to its wide glazing the entire working area is in the field of view of the combine. The best lighting is provided by powerful headlights so if circumstances require, one can work interference-free even at night.

DOMINATOR – 130 is provided with an ideal illumination of the workspace, comfortable seat, the steering tube is adjustable and makes maximum comfort. A central display inside makes all the most important information visible, including analog indicators of cutting height and down pressure.

In addition, it is possible to control the lamp for engine temperature, charging, oil pressure in engine, air filter, hand brake, warning device about filling the grain tank for 100% and 70%. The large viewing window of the DOMINATOR cab allows visually control the cleaning process. Each lever and control element in the ergonomic cabin are located in the most suitable place for it, which avoids wasted movements.

As you can see this grain harvester has a lot of profitability. For instance, DOMINATOR-130 reduces crop harvesting costs. The threshing aggregate of CLAAS provides clean threshing, gentle grain processing, the best exfoliation of the floor, which ensures the excellent grain quality that meets modern market requirements.

High production efficiency. Due to the drive units with automatic reverse pressure the rotational velocity can be continuously adjusted ensuring operation even in the most difficult conditions. The concave distance can be adjusted from the cab and the concave is quickly reequipped from grain to corn and v.v.

Verified straw rack system. Residual grain separation is performed over a total length of 3900 mm with four cascades. Even large volumes of straw are transported through the straw walker in a continuous and sparse flow. The 3-D cleaning system for working on slopes with steepness of up to 20% impresses with its reliance and fail-free operation.

Active aeration. Navigating gripping teeth grasp the straw strongly, stir and stretch it. In such a manner the separation efficiency is increased.

A big stone catcher provides a high degree of safety. It opens easily and unloads autonomously.

Reasonable layout. The engine compartment is located directly behind the grain tank so it facilitates the maintenance work substantially. One can quickly and easily reach all important aggregates from a large service platform.

DOMINATOR is distinguished for its low cost. It has portable ladders. Minor repairs can be easily done by using the supplied serial box with top-quality tools.

In summary, speed, adjustability, versatility and experience over many generations are the major conditions for effective and profitable work at the DOMINATOR that never stops being improved constantly. Irrespective of whether it is grain, corn, sunflower or rice, DOMINATOR-130 will handle any task.

The cost of DOMINATOR -130 is 1 billion 228 million 200 thousand UZS with a guarantee of full of service support for a year.

Press Service of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC

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