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Today approximately a thousand veterans of the World War II and more than 40 thousand workers of the Labor front live in Uzbekistan. Then more than one and a half million residents - almost half of the working-age people of Uzbekistan went to the front. More than 400 thousand of them died in the war and 130 thousand were gone for a burton.

These numbers were highlighted this year during the message of the president to the Oliy Majlis. "This year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II. We are justifiably proud of Uzbekistan's contribution to this victory," said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. It was noted that the people of Uzbekistan will never forget the feat of their compatriots in the fight against fascism. “Today our duty is to honor and support the veterans of this war. We will provide all necessary conditions for them” – the head of the state added.

Regretfully, every year the heroes of the Second World War are becoming less and less. Behind every fate lies a vast history of people who have seen war and peace. We are fortunate that we see them alive and healthy. They fought for their homeland with the enemy on the front line and brought closer the victory over fascism in the rearward - on the labor front. This quote is said about them: "... Hence, we need Victory, priceless one for all...".

“Tashkent tractor plant” (TTZ), “Technologist” Plant, Chirchik plant of agricultural machinery, Aggregate Plant ... Today, the walls of these plant remember those who fought in the name of preserving peace on earth and then created the history of the development of the agricultural machine-building industry.

Such patriots and heroes like I.H. Musin, who headed the Tashkent tractor plant for 20 years, N.N. Fomin – a chief engineer of this plant, who was called “mechanics with God given talent”, Z.M. Konopko, activist, brother and sister of the Seitoplyaevs who were prisoners of the fascist death camp that after evacuation to Tashkent they started working at the factory as children and stayed here forever.

Leviza worked as a nurse at TTZ for 50 years and Rustem worked as an engineer. Murod Saidaliev worked as a driver in the workshop for 48 years. I.V. Firsova for many years was in charge of the Quality department and from there she retired. Jura Yakubov came as a teenager to the then reformed into a military factory at the age of 14. He even put boxes under his feet, because he did not reach the desktop. He was a factory worker, then a driver. And there are many such stories in the history of domestic agricultural machinery.

For the time being agricultural machinery veterans consists of 31 people. Thanks to hard work and selfless devotion to the motherland, they defended this great day of victory over fascism. Their followers always keep a memory of these people.


On the eve of the great holiday 9th of May - Remembrance Day “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC congratulated our honorable veterans on behalf of the stuff. The esteemded heroes were handed memorable gifts, a cash reward and a set of products for the festive board.

Press Service of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC

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