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The whole world including our Uzbekistan is experiencing the 2020 with its all kinds of unexpected situations. Since the beginning of the year, we have been watching the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic heart aflutter. It would seem that we survived the peak of the epidemic and slightly softened the consequences of COVID-19, but afterwards our people were waiting to face another environmental disaster in the form of a rageful storm with rain and strong winds in the Alat and Karakul districts of the Bukhara region.

Yet we could not manage to assess the estimate damage caused by the natural disaster, soon the news about the storm water of the dam in the Sardoba district of the Sirdarya region appeared. The whole country already know about the extent of the damage and pitifully, tens of thousands of residents lost almost everything they had.

It is pleasant to note that lots of people have banded together in these hard days. Everyone who is able to help in any way helps: starting from large enterprises to individual citizens. Our people showed such patriotism in the most difficult periods of their history. Mutual assistance is the best quality innate in our people.

The collective of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC also has not been spared from the unfortunate events. From the very beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus and the announcement of quarantine in our country, the enterprises of the holding transferred 200 million UZS to the “Mehr-shafqat va salomatlik” Fund and 100 million UZS for the restoration of areas affected by natural disasters in the Bukhara region.

On behalf of the team of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC gave away a powerful agricultural equipment - tractor RSM 2375, Versatile 2375, with a capacity of 375 horsepower - on behalf of the team of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The cost of equipment is 1 billion 600 million UZS. Today the ministry is struggling with the consequences of the elements. Taking into consideration the situation in the region, the tractor was equipped with additional wheels so now the tractor is be able to perform work in difficult soil conditions in the most inaccessible places of the stricken area.

Furthermore, since yesterday the company has sent humanitarian supplies to flood-affected residents: clothing, shoes, building materials. A tractor-trailer and a large plow are prepared to be sent. In addition, equipment for pumping water will also ready for the shipment.

In the meantime, the stuff of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC and its enterprises transferred a one-day salary to the Supporting fund of Sardoba district.

Press Service of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC

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