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One hundred New Holland TD-S 110 tractors  were sold from “Tashkent plant of  agricultural machinery” in two days. The first large corporate customer who purchased these tractors is TTG-cluster (Textile Technology Group) which is situated in Tashkent region.

As a reference source it should be marked that New Holland is one of the world leading brand in the production of agricultural and road-building machinery. A large range of models are manufactured under this brand, such as small loaders, sprayers, grape harvesters, crawler excavators, reapers, combine harvesters and balers. A gradually developing “Asaka-Trans-Leasing” company was responsible for financing these machinery products. The target is to renew the agricultural machinery parks throughout the country. As employees of the “Marketing and Foreign Economic Affairs” Department of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC state, the implementation of such a large amount of machinery is a great achievement for the holding. Since it is a good result for only the first quarter of this year. Now these tractors will help dehkans, work in the fields of Tashkent region and delight the farmers.

Press Service of “Uzagrotechsanoatholding” JSC

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